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New England Sailing Center

Overview of the NESC Discover Sailing Program

  • Discover Sailing with NESC

Few sports provide the sense of pride, confidence and feeling of accomplishment like sailing. Learning and mastering sailing skills will provide a lifetime of fun and enjoyment that you can enjoy alone or share with others. For those who unsure if they want to learn to sail, you can enjoy time on the water with our Discover Sailing options. These options provide you with opportunities to enjoy a sailing experience and to explore whether sailing is the right sport and lifestyle for you.

New England Sailing Center (NESC) is an accredited American Sailing Association (ASA) training facility offering beginner through advanced sailing certification courses. We promote the sport of sailing and we hope you will enjoy our intro sessions or day sails and decide to pursue additional sailing experiences. We look forward to working with you on your sailing journey.

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