New England Sailing Center (NESC)

New England Sailing Center

New England Sailor Packing List

Following are recommendations on what to pack for your course. PDF Version: NESC Sailors Packing List

  • Suggested Items

Hat with a leash or neck strap
Sailing gloves
Sunscreen (35+ spf is recommended for the first few days)
Text(s) (If you would like to have a set for reference)
Music player
Prescriptions/extra contacts/glasses
If prone to sea sickness, or unsure, you may want to pack motion sickness medicine e.g. Scopace, scopolamine (patch- usually by prescription), or bonine (over the counter).

  • Electronics

Your yacht will have a 110v inverter on board to charge music players, ipads, laptops, cell phones and other small electronics. There is an usb connection on board. The inverter cannot power a hair dryer or a blender.

  • Safety Equipment

The yacht is equipped with all required safety equipment, e.g. Pfds, first aid kit, e-flare, vhf radio, etc.

  • Linens and Towels

Linens and towels (wash cloth, hand towel and 2 bath towels per person) are provided.

  • Attire

In general, the New England sailing community is casual when ashore. A sundress for the ladies and a polo or tropical button down for the men is as dressy as you’ll need to be for dinners ashore. A sports coat is typically not required unless dining at a yacht club. A pull over or windbreaker is recommended as evenings on the boat can get “chilly” relative to the warmer days and a long sleeve, cotton shirt for sun protection. Also, a light rain jacket is recommended. Footwear is not required on the boat. However, if you prefer to wear sneakers or sandals, please make sure the soles are non-marking and have a heal and protected toe (flip flops and footwear without toe protection and a heal strap are not recommended).

  • Attire and Gear Specific to Coastal Passage Making Trainees

Light foul weather jacket and light waterproof (shell) pants are recommended. Boots are not necessary. A couple of pairs of cotton socks are recommended.
Additional gear for passage making students:
Headlamp (white and red LED lights are best)
Personal Handheld GPS (optional)
Provided: Inflatable PFD, harness and tether, jacklines, life raft, SPOT tracking

  • Gratuities

We are often asked what is appropriate for instructor gratuities. A range of $40-50pp for Basic Keelboat instructors and $250-300 per person is customary for our Cruising instructors.

  • Getting to Us

Our local number is 401 619-1697. Our office location is 47 Conanicus Ave, Jamestown, RI. See the Jamestown parking guide at the bottom of this page.

Please include your arrival details on your provision menu so that we can plan for your arrival.

  • Provisioning Onboard

We ask that you submit your provision menu one week prior to the start of your course.
For Cruising, Fast Track and Coastal Passage Making trainees, please use this link to submit your preferences.

For our charter clients, you are welcome to use our online provision service, or shop in person at McQuade’s Marketplace which is a short drive or 15 minute walk from the marina.

For those using our provisioning service, if you have any food allergies or strong dislikes, please indicate that on the form in the comments section.

  • Drinks and Additional Items

For your drinking water and soft drinks, McQuade’s Marketplace is a short drive or 15 minute walk from the marina. We recommend 3-4 gallons of water per person for the week. If buying the gallon jugs, it’s also good to purchase a couple of single bottles that you can refill and keep in the cockpit cup holders. If you do find that you need more water, there are water refill stations in most of the anchorages.

Ice is available through the marina office.
Shopping for Beer, Wine and other alcoholic beverages:
Grapes and Gourmet is located in the marina.
Jamestown Wine and Spirits is a short drive from the marina across from McQuade’s Marketplace.

  • Additional Information

Contact us for additional information.

Phone: 401-619-1697

Jamestown Parking Guide
Jamestown Parking Guide