New England Sailing Center Go Sailing Program

Guests Go Sailing Program

Guests Go Sailing Program

New England Sailing Center (NESC) is pleased to provide guests with a range of sailing experiences.

NESC is an accredited ASA training facility. In addition to our group sails, we offer private certification courses as well as bareboat and skippered charters. Charters and training can be scheduled for one or more days based on availability.

Contact us to check availability and to schedule your Go Sailing experience or to inquire about customized courses and charters.

Intro to Sailing

Two and one-half hour session

Basic Keelboat

Certification course


Intro to Sailing
New England Sailing Center Course
Enjoy a two and one-half hour hands-on sail on a J22.
New England Sailing Center Course
  • Description:

Non-certification. Two and one-half hour sail. Gain hands on keelboat experience sailing a J22.

Enjoy a two and one-half hour sail on a J22 (22 foot keelboat with tiller) and discover the principles of sailing. You can experience sailing while also having the option to gain hands on experience. The J22 offers strength, stability and speed unmatched in a keelboat of this size. See a description of the J22 boat.

Intro to Sailing is a great option for individuals that are trying to determine if sailing is right for them before taking the Basic Keelboat course. NESC holds up to two sessions daily in both group and private formats.

  • Prerequisites: None
  • Certification: None
  • Duration: Two and one-half hours
  • Cost: $95 per person
Basic Keelboat Certification
New England Sailing Center Course
Prerequisites: None. Two-day course to learn fundamental principles of safe, confident day sailing
New England Sailing Center Course
  • Description:

In our two day Basic Keelboat (BK) course you will learn the fundamental principles of sailing. You will experience a mix of classroom and on the water training that will enable you to skipper an 18 to 27 foot keelboat in a safe, confident manner.

The two day certification course combines classroom and three to four hours of on the water training each day. Classroom time focuses on terminology, parts of the boat, knots and theory followed by on the water training. Following the water training session on day two you have the option to take your Basic Keelboat Certification written exam as a conclusion to the BK course.

We offer this course weekly with a maximum of four students in each course. You can extend your training to include an optional third day for more time on the water practicing and refining your skills. The BK course is taught on a J22 boat that are two of the most popular keelboats for day sailing in the world. See the J22 description in the Frequently Asked Questions below. Private lessons are available.

This course meets ASA Basic Keelboat Certification standards. Contact us to check course availability and to schedule your course.

  • Prerequisites: None

There are no prerequisite certifications required. The only requisite is your desire to learn sailing.

  • Certification: ASA Basic Keelboat Certification

Students may choose to complete the ASA Basic Keelboat Certification exam after completing the second day’s curriculum. The ASA Certification fee is $85.

  • Duration: Two days (10:00-4:00 Daily)

Training can be extended to include an optional third day for more time on the water practicing and refining your skills.

  • Cost: $380 per person for the two day course
  • Options:

ASA Basic Keelboat Certification ($85)

  • Curriculum:

Curriculum for this course includes parts of boat, terminology, personal floatation devices and safety gear, safety at sea including right of way and commands, knots, points of sail, tacks and jibes, basic sail shape and trim, sail raising and controls, docking, man overboards and proper boat put down.

Visit our Basic Keelboat Certification Overview for more information on this course.